Human Powered Vehicles

My Trice page
More than you wanted to know about my Trice recumbent tricycle. Also pics of Walt Smith's 1997 Trice.

My Birdy page
About my Birdy full-suspension folding bike.

My Fixie
You guessed it! My latest bike, a Bridgestone fixed-gear.

Chunk 666
Chunk DCLXVI is a radical bike gang and temperence league. The riders get their intoxication from the psychotropic effects of modified bicycles

Critical Mass
Critical Mass webring. Portland's chapter meets the last Friday of every month at 5:30 PM at the park blocks (by the big elephant in front of Powell's technical bookstore). New Portland Critical Mass page!
HPV Archive
This site is partly responsible for turning me on to alternative bicycles. They have a lot of images and information on all sorts of human-powered vehicles. Includes archives of the HPV and Trikes mailing lists.

Bicycle Advocacy Online

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance
The BTA is a statewide organization which helps with bicycle advocacy in Oregon. They are one of the reasons Portland is such a nice city to ride in, and are responsible for many bike lanes and for forcing the city to follow its transportation laws. Plus, their membership card is good for discounts at bike shops in town!

Recumbent Cyclist News
"The Planet's #1 Recumbent Cycling Publication -- Recumbent Cyclist News."

Peter Eland's new magazine, which picks up where Open Road Publishing left off. Open Road published the best magazine in the world, Bike Culture Quarterly, as well as the excellent drool-book Encycleopedia. BCQ had great pictures, intelligent letters from readers all over the world, awesome stories, and no ads. How cool is that? I'm very sad its run is over. Best of luck to Peter with his new venture! I'm a subscriber-UB12!

Sheldon Brown's Harris Cyclery pages
Awesome glossary, maintenance advice, fixed-gear info. One of the best bike sites out there.
Shift is a bike group that promotes Portland's creative cycle culture. This includes a regular calendar, free breakfast for cyclists once a month, and extravaganzas of events like this year's Pedalpalooza. Shift grew out of the steering committee for BikeSummer --- A month-long celebration of cycling. Portland hosted in 2002.

Cyclists expect safe accommodation on public roads.
Nothing more is expected. Nothing less is acceptable.

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