folding and covering the

I recently bought a Birdy. It's a full-suspension, folding bicycle imported to the US by Burley Design Cooperative, who already have a nice Birdy page all about it.

Here's my input: It is really light (~23 Lbs), and if you've never ridden a recumbent before you'd think it was really comfortable. It folds up easy to go on the bus or the train (I've taken it on both here in Portland). It's really fun to ride, and the brakes and gears work pretty well (V-brakes, and gripshift to a 7-spd rear derailer). A 21-speed version with Sachs 3x7 is available, weighs 2 lbs. more and cost $200 more...

7 speeds seems to be enough for relatively hilly PDX. I love this bike! I use it for short shopping trips, and occasional commutes, and multimodal transport (e.g. with a Carsharing car).

It also goes into a suitcase with some effort and the removal of a few parts, and I had to be on the phone with someone from Burley to get it in there. Next time I do that, I'll take pictures of the process so others can do it easier. In the meantime, here's the picture I got from Burley of the bike in a Samsonite (700 series sillhouette 6 30-in upright suiter):

birdy in a suitcase

And here's a photo of my birdy in a suitcase:

my birdy in a suitcase

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