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Here's a place for my bizarre interests and random brain farts. Minorly updated 1999, and hardly at all before that. Please let me know about broken links or missing info.


I just found an excellent annotated bibliography of current philosophy of mind. Right now I'll just put a link to Zeke Koch's Cognitive science site. I found another place! The Neurosciences Internet Resource Guide is a good place to start.

(BTW my thesis---How the Brain Works: Explaining Consciousness: starts with a philosophical exposition, includes a discussion of neuroscience and cognitive psychology, and concludes with an experiment on influencing perception with subliminal words---is available for anyone who wants it. Maybe someday I'll find the time to TeX it, and maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt. Now that I'm on halftime that's a possibility... not the monkeys. Ok, I did TeX it, and then PDF'd it, and now you can grab a copy for your reading pleasure.)

The University of Arizona has a Center for Consciousness Studies. They sponsor a conference called "Toward a Science of Consciousness" every 2 years on the spring. I attended in 1996 and 1998. 1998 was about the same as the previous one, so I'm really not sure about attending in 2000. But I did get my abstract accepted, for a poster presentation, so I may go anyway.


Meditations on bus driver communication protocol. Maps incomplete, documentation scanty. This is weird, folks.

Hey! Tri-met has a page! And it's good, too.

My old Music page

I don't even remember what's on it...

Eraserhead interpretation

Read my version of what its about, as contrasted with Ray Wolf's.

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