My musical tastes range from normal pop to strange sounds many would hesitate to call music. I like to use the computer to play with the fundamental constituents of sounds---beating sine waves, wide-frequency noise, subliminal tones---and create music like that of

The Hafler Trio.

The Hafler Trio's music is kind of like listening to the sounds of a trainyard from far away, or a landing alien spacecraft, or scientific equipment, or internal physiological processes. They are the best of the strange noise groups.

For some links to music resources on the 'net, check out Alec's home page. I'll put some more here after I surf a little more.

I've had an idea for a project of turning human evoked potentials (EPs) into music, using the waveforms generated to vary different parts of a composition, or directly mapped as instruments. Maybe someday Zeke and I will finally get to doing it. See also Brains.

On the guitar, however, I like to hear harmony. Nice chord progressions, simple melodies, classical, folk, blues and other easy guitar styles. Maybe later on this page I'll have some sound files posted: samples of e-music? Midi files?

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